More than a courier and freight forwarding service provider. We are a highly dependable partner in progress.

Established in 1992, RAF is an all-Filipino owned company that is committed to customer satisfaction by providing a cost-efficient and reliable pick-up and delivery service at all times. RAF consistently strives to uphold the highest level of service to complement our client’s interest and hard work.


RAF International Forwarding Phils., Inc, a key player in the courier, domestic distribution, warehousing, logistics, freight forwarding, e-commerce and business process outsourcing industry, is committed to satisfy its customers, employees, shareholders and the community through a cost-effective and highly reliable delivery system, a healthy and rewarding work atmosphere and a profitable business.


RAF International Forwarding Phils., Inc. will be the leading company in the courier,domestic distribution, warehousing, logistics,freight forwarding,e-commerce and business process outsourcing industry by upholding its commitment to:


  • Ensure that quality goals and the attainable objectives leading to goal achievement are clearly defined, communicated and understood by every member of the RAF Team.
  • Promote excellence throughout the organization and adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement.
  • Live by the principle of “Do it right the first time”.
  • Provide a personalized customer service.
  • Encourage initiative and ingenuity in identifying and resolving problems.
  • Recognize the roles of our customers and employees in the achievement of results in customer satisfaction, cost effectiveness and profitabilty.
  • Support socio-civic projects that will enrich the lives of the youth and community.

  • The RAF Core Values


    We go above and beyond expectations to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. Our client’s interest is and will always be a priority at RAF.


    Our clients can depend on us not only in doing it right the first time but also in doing it right all the time.


    We require honesty, consistency and accountability in dealing with our colleagues, clients, suppliers and shareholders.

    Social Responsibility

    We consider it a priviledge and a blessing to be able to positively impact someone else’s life.


    We maintain an environment that promotes and applauds excellence and diligence. We foster a lively and happy workplace. We uphold the highest level of respect for each other and for the job that we are tasked to do.


    RAF International Forwarding Phils., Inc. was established to address the growing demand for a cost-effective and reliable international courier service.


    Not long after, RAF was appointed as the exclusive agent of Airborne Express in the Philippines. With capability to handle both courier and freight forwarding services, RAF-Airborne Express became a one-stop shop company.


    In October 2000, RAF set in motion its CSR program called Partners for a Future. For every shipment sent through the RAF network, a portion goes to the various projects of Partners for a Future.


    In 2000, RAF-Partners for a Future adopted Catmon Elementary School and both are currently working hand-in-hand in providing a learning environment that will motivate the students to pursue education despite the challenges that they and their families face.


    The RAF-Airborne Express partnership formally ended and RAF eventually became affiliated with several international courier and freight networks. Today, RAF is a network partner of Global Distribution Alliance (GDA), World Freight Alliance (WFA) and Skynet.


    RAF celebrated its 25 th year in the industry.


    RAF remains true to its purpose. It is not only a company that provides personalized service and customer satisfaction but also a company that is dedicated to innovation.


    While courier and freight forwarding services remain the core business of the company, RAF has expanded its services to cater to the e-commerce and the business outsourcing industries. Shopmasy is RAF’s online shopping platform which is the ideal venue for merchants and their products, which showcases Filipino ingenuity among others. RAF Solutons & Services, on the other hand, is a BPO venture that provides customer care, merchant support and back-office functions for start-up companies in the e-commerce and logistics industries.